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Frequently asked questions

Can I earn commission in 2Konnect?

Yes - As a Citizen in the 2Konnect Community, you will receive monthly residual commissions based upon the number of Citizens, Citizen Income Builders, Executives, and Diamond Elites sponsored directly to you.

What is "Built For You Downline"...BFYD

From the minute you join as a FREE member, the 2konnect Marketing Machine begins building your organization. The Marketing Machine starts by placing 6 Members in your downline and will continue adding new Members each month. The Marketing Machine will contact, educate, and upsell the Members of your organization, thus providing you with an ongoing monthly commission as a Citizen in the 2Konnect Community. The 2Konnect Marketing Machine works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, building your downline; it never rests, goes on vacation, or takes a sick day. 

Is 2Konnect a Direct Marketing/MLM company?

No - 2Konnect is an affiliate marketing company providing marketing material for their members.