2K1-A-Day Marketing Portal

2K1-A-Day Marketing Portal

2022-10-26 03:17 amnews

2K1-A-Day Marketing Portal

2K1-A-Day Marketing Portal is a sales and marketing tool for all members of the 2Konnect Community.  This program was developed to replace “make a list” marketing.  The simplicity of this program is its success. All members of the 2Konnect Community will have access to this program.  A member simply loads their friends and family into this program by entering their name, email address, phone number and physical address into the correct area designated for that information and the automation for this program takes over and runs automatically.

Once a prospect is loaded into the 2K1-A-Day portal they will placed in that member’s sales funnel.

The first sales email is triggered and sent to the prospect.  Contact information from their sponsor will be included along with an enrollment link.

The prospect is placed in the members matrix. As soon as the prospect is placed in the members matrix, they will be given a replicated personal Website, a replicated Marketing Funnel, a replicated Sales Funnel along with a marketing package*.

The second sales email is triggered and sent to the prospect, along with their username and password to login to their back office.

An identical email will be sent to the sponsor with the prospect’s contact information, username, and password.

This move will become the first sales opportunity for the prospect’s sponsor to contact the prospect in a sales situation.  The prospect will be placed in the call center que and prepped to receive a robo call.  Press 1 for more information, press 2 to be removed from any future contact. By pressing 1, the prospect will be connected to their sponsor. The sponsor will introduce, inform, and direct the prospect to visit a sales funnel previously established by the sponsor.  The sponsor will also “take” the prospect to the prospect’s back office to show them their downline.

The sponsor will update their back office with the date and time contact was made.  This will indicate to the call center that they can continue with contact and sales information. 

The plan…The prospect will complete one of the two sales funnels and upgrade their position to a Citizen and take a permanent position in the sponsors organization.

Long term plan…The prospect will continue to receive a series of sales emails, text messages and calls from the call center over the next 30-days or until they upgrade their position.

Marketing and Education Credit Commissions payable to Sponsored Visitors and Prospects will be banked/held for 30-days following the month commissions were calculated.  Once a Sponsored Visitor or Prospect upgrades or Level ups to a Citizen, their wallet/commissions will become active.

Each 2K1-A-day prospect will continue to move down as new prospects and Sponsored Visitors are added to the member’s matrix.